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Kate Ahn

Speaker Affiliation KOR. Representative of Stylus
Country KOREA
Presentation Title Integration of Fashion and Tech.
Career Data - 2014 Business trip to NYC for Stylus workshop for Samsung Elec (US interior trend)
- 2014 Business trip to London for Stylus workshop for Samsung Elec (EU interior trend)
- 2013 Business trip to Paris for Premiere Vision & Carlin

Hanseong Kim

Speaker Affiliation Professor of Pusan National University
Country KOREA
Presentation Title System design & fabrication for IT integrated smart textile
Career Data -Effects of the spin line temperature profile and melt index of poly(propylene) on melt-electrospinning (Polymer engineering and science, Vol.49 No.2, [2009])
-Nanofiber deposition by electroblowing of PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) (Journal of Materials Science, Vol.44 No.4, [2009])

Tomoko Yurimoto

Speaker Affiliation Vice-President of Grant E One's
Country JAPAN
Presentation Title Relationship of the perfect body and optoelectronic fiber
Career Data - International Grand Prix world's best product certification

Ants Patrik Maran

Speaker Affiliation Founder of ULOCS
Country SWEDEN
Presentation Title How Interpretation of Emotional Response Brings Intelligence into Everyday Life Wearables
Career Data - 2013 Finalist Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup
- 2013 Sten K Johnsons foundation Scholarship for best Technology
- 2011 Best innovation Guldmobilen
- First prize at White Bull 2011 Barcelona

Maximilian Muller

Speaker Affiliation Founder and CEO of Moticon
Presentation Title On sensitive insoles - a smart step towards the future
Career Data - 2014 Winner Wearable Technologies Innovation Award
- 2010 Winner ispo brandnew award
- 2005/2008 Winner Academic Challenge Award / ispo in leisure sports

Yongsoon Choi

Speaker Affiliation Professor of Sogang University
Country KOREA
Presentation Title Wearable UI/UX Designs considering characteristics of Fashion Media
Career Data - 2013 Award of Honorific
- 2013 Interaction Design Student Challenge - Light Perfume

Johan De Baets

Speaker Affiliation Project Coordinator of PASTA / Researcher at IMEC
Presentation Title PASTA : An Electronics Integration Technology for Smart Textile Applications
Career Data - Project Coordinator of IMEC, BELGIUM
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