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Joacim Holter

Speaker Affiliation Osmotex
Position Managing Director
Country Norway
Presentation Title HYDRO_BOT – a quantum leap forward in moisture management
Career Data Chairman & Managing Director at Osmotex AG

Walter Choi

Speaker Affiliation Stretch Sense
Position Marketing Specialist
Country New Zealand
Presentation Title From idea to prototype in 21 days: Making a wearable device truly wearable
Career Data Content Publisher at StretchSense/ Sales Development Representative at StretchSense

Jonathan Rankin

Speaker Affiliation Feel Ripple
Position Designer
Country UK
Presentation Title Ripple - the future of dating
Career Data Co-founder at Feel Ripple / Designer at Brompton Bicycle Company

Ben Cooper

Speaker Affiliation IoClothes
Position Managing Director
Country USA
Presentation Title Clothes 2.0: The Blueprint for Success
Career Data Founder& Managing Director at IoClothes Consulting /Senior Manager, Research & Testing, Global Innovation Center
at VF Corporation Global Innovation
Fashion Futures 2018 International Symposium Secretariat
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