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Time Program Speaker Affiliation Nationality video
13:00~13:30 Registration & Opening
13:30-14:30 HYDRO_BOT – a quantum leap forward inmoisture management
(섬유기반 수분제어 시스템의 대약진)
Joacim Holter Chairman of Osmotex Norway 확인
14:30-15:30 From idea to prototype in 21 days: Making a wearable device truly wearable
(아이디어에서 시제품으로 : 웨어러블을 위한 섬유센서기술)
Walter Choi Content Publisher of StretchSense New Zealand 확인
15:30-16:30 Ripple - The Future of Romance
(감성, 동작 데이터의 활용을 위한
웨어러블 패션)
Jonathan Rankin Designer of Feel Ripple UK 확인
16:30-17:30 Clothes 2.0: The Blueprint for Success
(웨어러블 기술 구현의 성공을 위한 청사진)
Ben Cooper Managing Director of IoClothes USA 확인
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